Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I have deleted all previous post and have restarted for 2010. My thinking has matured and the blog no longer reflected my current thoughts.

Happy New Year



Kah Seng said...

Huh? Your "thinking has matured?" That sounds a little sad. ;)

Does that mean you have been co-opted into the establishment, or is there a hacker in your account playing prank on you?

You had some independent-minded posts.

Sans said...

SOmeone close to me died and put everything in perspective.

I don't see anything radical happening whoever is in charge. Just one establishment taking over another and the same voters/powers that need appeasing. Malaysia is slowly heading in a the list of countries that "could have been" and the "also-rans". Our economy is still very rent-seeking. People need to be paid off, senior policemen, generals, royalty etc with contracts that favour them. Would that change? :)

Having a religious based party (albeit part of a coalition) replacing a race based one? Really one a 1 to 1 basis, what is the difference?

And I was not doing justice to this blog my updating consistently.

Want to take a different tack.

"Does that mean you have been co-opted into the establishment, or is there a hacker in your account playing prank on you?"

I don't think my blog was that big a deal for anyone to take the effort.

Happy New year, Still January

Kah Seng said...

I'm sorry to hear about your personal loss.

Many of our country men and women grow cynical after they try to break out of our corrupted mold, only to be boxed in by our authoritarian culture.

The enemy is not corruption per se. It is the acceptance of authoritarianism, the disparaging of individualism, and the tolerance of strong government.

These give power to the centralized government, and corruption is the result of government strength, not the cause.

Making things worse, our opposition politicians, journalists, academicians are all talking big government (unity, mixing religion with government, more control, ...)

Given your previous posts that include CLSA reports (which I appreciate and I had my Google Reader get the RSS from your blog), I think you will find a breadth of fresh air in these libertarian and Austrian economic sites:

Not really Austrian economics but critical

Hope you enjoy them, and perhaps even blog about them.

Kah Seng said...

Or check out this local think tank

Sans said...

Thank you, I will have a look when I have the chance.

Just trying to find the best use of my time, feel my mortality now.

Not sure another blog among the multitude has really any point, given I don't have the time to post as often as events dictate.